The main function of "Navigation Satellite" APP is to view the navigation satellites that can be tracked by the user's mobile phone, and the display interface is star map and satellite parameter list.

At the same time, it also has some common tool properties, such as compass and map positioning (there is no navigation function, if you need navigation function, please go to Gaode and Baidu).

In addition, Beidou user support information is also added to the app, including the orbit of Beidou navigation satellites, the number of global visible satellites, and the operation status of all Beidou navigation satellites.

The "Navigation Satellite" APP has been launched on the "Huawei App Market", "Tencent App Store" and other app stores, or you can visit our website to download it through a browser. The download link is: , or scan the QR code to download. (Please copy this address to your browser to download).