Journalists from Arab States visiting CSNO-TARC

On March 24th 2019, before the opening of the 2nd China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum, 15 journalists from the China-Arab Center for the China-Arab News Exchange Center in 15 Arab countries including Oman, Egypt, Tunisia., etc visited CSNO-TARC. TARC introduced the BDS system monitoring and assessment and the joint China-Arab BDS service performance evaluation.

April 1st to 2nd, 2019, the 2nd China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum will be held at the same time as the 8th China-Arab Business Conference in Tunis, Tunisia. The China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum is a long-term cooperation mechanism for China and Arab countries to carry out international cooperation in the field of satellite navigation under the framework of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum. It is an important multilateral platform for deepening China-Arab States satellite navigation cooperation and popularizing BDS in Arabia. As the main participating unit, from January to March 2019, TARC and Arab Information & Communication Technologies Organization (AICTO) jointly carried out the BDS test and evaluation activities in the Arab region. The result will be released at the opening ceremony of forum as an essential outcome.

After visit, the reporters appreciated the achievements of the BDS construction and application. They learned about the BDS service situation in Arab States, and obtained materials for introducing the BDS to their own countries. Meanwhile, they also look forward to the international cooperation with BDS to promote the socioeconomic development of Arab countries and share the achievements of satellite navigation development.