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Test & Assessment Research Center of China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO-TARC) is a scientific research institute in the field of satellite navigation system monitoring and assessment. In China, TARC plays a leading role in various research domains such as simulation analysis of satellite navigation system, the determination of satellite precise orbits, time synchronization between satellite and ground station and service performance evaluation of navigation system.
Major responsibilities:
1. The construction and operation of International GNSS Monitoring & Assessment System (iGMAS) includes the development of system tracking stations and other fundamental infrastructures, the maintenance and management of system daily operation.
2. The construction and operation of ‘BDS Ground Simulation and Verification System’ includes system integration, planning and implementation phase of simulation test.
3. Provide BDS user support, including the information of system operation status and service performance, and the reply to user feedbacks.
4. Carry out international cooperation in civil service and test & assessment field to promote the BDS application on a global scale.

As a professional scientific institution in the field of satellite navigation system testing & assessment and as the representative of China Satellite Navigation Office, TARC engages in cooperation with other countries and international organizations. Collaborating with foreign GNSS providers (U.S., Russia) could enable the interoperability and compatibility of various satellite navigation systems. Engaging with international navigation-related departments, associations and organizations could encourage the joint user access to satellite navigation messages and promote the BDS application on a broader scale.
News and Views

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